Monday, March 27, 2017

Getting Closer...

To the finish! I started late start this weekend to finish my UFO "Civil War Chronicles". I actually started putting the blocks together late Saturday night and yesterday after Church. I underestimated my timing on this quilt! *ugh*  Here is the center of this quilt. 

Center Block

I tried several ways to take a good picture and this is the best one. Still trying to learn how to take good pictures. Anyway, I need to add a "HUGE" triangle on all four sides. Then sew the 68 - 6-1/2" blocks together for the border. 

I hope when I am done putting this quilt together, the sun is out so I can lay this quilt outside for a good photo. 

Have a wonderful week. You know what I will be doing! (=


  1. It looks like good progress to me so far! I hope the train goes go on easily this week.

  2. Its looking great! I think we all underestimate the time it will take to finish it.