Thursday, March 30, 2017



Sewed the last stitch on this quilt! Here is the finish top!

Civil War Chronicles. As soon as I laid the top down, my 12-1/2 yr. old boy, Oscar wanted his picture taken. 

 This is the center. "Os" wanted to be the center of attention! HA
Looking at this picture of Oscar, You would think his color is black & grey. His color use to be black & tan. My poor guy is sure showing his age like his mama! 

Os "thinks" this quilt is for him! 😏😙

 Border. The corners of this quilt, I had to make an adjustment. I must have did something wrong with triangles on each side. Rather than trying to figure out and start using my ripper, I decided to adjust the block on the corners. I am satisfied!

I need to get my gear going with my longarm machine! I am super top heavy now! *ugh*

Next on the list is to get everything ready to work at our Church this Friday. I made cloths to cover all the cross and statues last year. I am Catholic and volunteer a lot at our Church. Since moving here to the Big Island, I wanted to do more for God! Helping others, attending Church more often, etc... What I found out from my family is that most of the things that I am doing, my mother (R.I.P. mom) use to do! I knew some things but never knew a lot! The one thing I will NOT do and that is join the Choir! HECK NO! My mom sang in the choir. I have a hard time speaking to the entire congregation as it is. To sing???? no, No, NO! lol

On Friday, I will have  to figure out what is going to be next for OMG (One Monthly Goal) for April. Maybe longarm a few tops? Sounds good to me! But first to clean up my mess from this project and continue organizing studio. One day I'll get done.


  1. Super Wow! Your quilt turned out so lovely, you must have really worked hard on it all week. There are so many pieces and the border--I am amazed. I can't wait to see it quilted. I'm sure Os can't either.

  2. Your quilt is stunning, but you do know the pup just thinks it's for him. I've had 4 weeeenie dogs in my life time. So miss them all.

  3. The top looks wonderful, and Os seems so delighted with his quilt *wink*. My cat thinks all my quilts are for him, too.

  4. Gorgeous! I love your puppy.....