Friday, March 31, 2017


Its been quite busy this morning. As you all probably know, I am Catholic and it is lent season. This weekend is the fifth Sunday in Lent a week before Palm Sunday. This weekend my husband and I had to run up to our Church and cover all the crosses and statues. I thought you would like to see our little Church.

Our little Church, Sacred Heart Parish

Inside of the Church

After covering crosses & statues, I had to run over to my dad's house. My cousins flew in this morning for the weekend. They were sweet enough to come and visit. Our dads are brothers. Our dads came from a family of three boys. But the family grew between the brothers. Just my dad side, 7 children (me oldest), 17 grandchildren, 16 great-grand and 4 great-great! So just us alone, we are big. 
Anyway, here are pictures of our visit. It was a really good visit seeing my cousins! 

Well today, is cleaning up my studio and deciding what I want to do for April. I am pushing towards learning and re-acquinted with my Longarm machine.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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