Monday, February 27, 2017


I honestly thought I could finish my OMG (One Monthly Goal) project "3's Company." This past weekend was too rough for me. I've been dealing with some "life changing" issues. I was diagnosed "Post Menopausal". To make things worse, I am also dealing with my thyroids. I have a hard time drinking cold water, every muscle and joint in my body aches like hell. But what's worse is I am experiencing temporary memory loss! These are all (except thyroid) the symptoms I've been experiencing. I WANT MY BODY BACK!!!

I tried working on the last few blocks. When I had to cut the pieces out, I forget to check off what I have cut. Then I would screw up by cutting the pieces "AGAIN" but with the other fabric! SO I stopped and gave up! I know I can find a piece of fabric in my stash to replace my screw up. However, I just walked away from it all for now.

These symptoms just HIT me all of a sudden and I am trying my best to deal with it. My doctor prescribed an antibiotic for my thyroids. But the darn prescription is doing nothing for me other than shortly after taking pill (horse pill), my chest hurts like someone just kicked it!

The Doctor's here in Hilo are something else! I am so used to having a good Doctor who knows exactly what I am going through! But here in Hilo, its a whole different world. I feel like I am living in the third world. LOL

Anyway, this is my story of why I cannot finish any projects this month! Yes I had my sister and her granddaughter here visiting, but they were only here for the weekend. Bless my sisters heart, she has been helping me researching through Google about Post Menopause. I too have been researching and I am not liking what I am reading!

SO life goes on Right? I will finish up my 3's Company when I come back next week. I am going to Oahu on Thursday to visit my siblings, visit my mother's grave. I also have an eye appt.! You read right! (= I am flying to get my eyes check. Oahu have better doctors. So IF I can find a Doctor that can see me while I there, I definitely will stay for that!

Moving forward, I did manage to get caught up on my Sparkling Sampler blocks. But I think I am going to not start a new project for OMG until April. In March,  I will finish my 3's Company, finish a row or two of my Dear Jane and Farmer's Wife Sampler and get caught up on 182-Day Solstice.

I will write again upon my return. Have a wonderful week. Do find some time to do what you enjoy! Until next time...


  1. Much of what you talk about could be all thyroid symptoms. Have you looked into using essential oils to help with some of the symptoms?

  2. Hi Liz! We're in the NQB critique together! I'm going to peak around your blog a bit! Looking forward to getting to know you!

    1. Hi Paige, Great to meet you! I too look forward to getting to know you!

  3. A fellow hive member checking in!