Wednesday, January 25, 2017

O.M.G. - January Finished Finished Linkup

OOP...I had posted my finished quilt for January earlier. However, I forgot to linkup with O.M.G. (One Monthly Goal) with Elm St. Quilts. 

Here is my finished quilt! I am so GLAD it is done!

Calling this quilt "Cluck Cluck Poo" =)

Back to organizing my fabrics! *ugh*

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sunday Work in Progress...

I've manage to keep up with a few projects. I find myself eager to get into my studio to get sewing and organizing. With this said, I QUICKLY clean house, laundry, etc... Then I basically RUN to my studio. Since 2014, I did not sew much if any until now 2017! My life is back to normal.

Once I am in my studio, I'll spend at least 2 hours organizing my fabric stash. I've manage to get 2 5-tier shelves organized. Since I am refolding fabrics, I pulled out all the fabrics and into bins or laundry basket. Then I am ironing and refolding them. Once that is done, I then sort them out by color and back on the shelf. I am noticing the amount of certain colors I have obtained than other colors. The one color I am going to have to deplete is "brown". I am going to have to make at least 2 brown quilts. No problem there.

Take a look at what I am dealing with. looks like a fabric HOARDER!!!!

Monday, January 16, 2017

182 - Days Solstice Challenge Block 4 - REVISED...

It had to take a friend to point out block 4 error! Thanks Meloney! (= 

It looked weird but I could not see it. Here is my revised block.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

What a Week...

I completed "Collecte des Oeufs"! I am FINALLY finish with my January UFO! In the beginning, I was short a piece of fabric from kit. Then to top it off, after cutting out the necessary pieces, I  was STUMPED with the instructions. The instructions were poorly written. All do respect to the designer (and I have HIGH respect for their talent). The instructions were incomplete! I had to rely on the picture. *ugh*  Moving along, I am DONE and off my bucket list!

Here is a picture of the quilt to. Quilting and binding is needed to totally complete this quilt!

Collecte des Oeufs - January 2017 UFO

I didn't sew any Dear Jane blocks. So this week, I am going to "try" and make at 8 - 10 blocks.

Now for

182-days Solstice Challenge

I am caught up in making blocks. I am happy with my choices in fabric. If you haven't heard of the challenge, check it out here . I just love Pat Sloan!

Here are my blocks:

Blocks 1-4/25

This week I'll be able to get more sewing done. So until then! Be safe and take some time for yourself.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Staying on track...

Happy New Year! Hope you and your family are having a great start to the New Year!

So far I have been staying on track with my projects. I've been busy working on 4 UFOs, two are completed!  UFOs are: Dear Jane, 2009 Dear Jane Christmas block exchange, Jo Morton's Bowtie block exchange and Collecte des Oeufs and Farmer's Wife Sampler.

Dear Jane blocks:
A.1 Pinwheel Gone Awry

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Hello and Happy 2017!

My first UFO to work on this year is "Collecte des Oeufs". It is a kit that I purchased in "I think" 2010. I am storing my WIP (work in progress) in the container you see. These containers are stackable so it would be easy to just store them on my sewing table. 

Now to get started on this project. 

***REVISED*** This is going to be one challenging quilt. I bought this quilt a few years ago and already I am having a problem. I am missing a couple of fabrics in this KIT! *sigh* 

This is what I get for turning this kit into a UFO. Going to have to see if I have something in my stash that will compliment with the other fabrics.  *ugh*


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Fresh Start

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's day. 

Since moving here to Hawaii, sewing has been a challenge for me. I didn't get much of any sewing done at all. I could not even complete a quilt. But after my studio was built, I got the energy to get back to sewing. I thought I would share some pictures of what we have been up too.

For my studio, it was cheaper to buy a kit. The kit is a garage 24'x28'. We hired an architect to make some modifications. 

"After" We extended the roof of our deck so there is coverage from my studio.
I actually wanted sliding doors. However the cost of them here in Hawaii are SUPER HIGH. We even looked on Craigslist and they had old old sliding doors for $500+. Its crazy how people price their stuff. 

I have the most amazing husband! He never argues when I call him practically every 10 - 15 mins. to help me.  He trying to get my PC Quilter to working. My threads are all nice displayed. 

BTW, He was the one that actually suggested we build a studio for my sewing. Guess he got tired of my stuff all over the house, me grumbling about not have enough room, etc...
Cutting tables

AccuQuilt Studio rolling cart. Behind it are my UFOs and containers I need to clean out. 

Office desk cleaned and organized...YAY

The opening you see is the walk-in closet where I store fabrics! The closet is the length of the entire studio. NO NO... its not FULL of fabrics. I have Christmas containers (total 22) in there I need to find good homes so I can have the closet just for sewing. One day...a person can only dream right?

Anyway, this is going to be a 3 month or sooner job. I WILL work on fabrics and store them by color. everyday for 1 hour.  I get too bored and then I give up if I just work on one thing! My "old" way was to work on the project and get it done quickly. I find that I get fed up and give up. For me, I think that is why I have too many UFOs. Anyway, I am trying this new thing. 

I keep my extra notions and office supplies in white boxes. If you look above, I have all my books stored. I had more than that. I took out the ones I know I will not make anything out of the book, so I donated to our local library. 

Aurifil thread stored

There you have it of my studio. I love it. I am continuing to get things organized. It may take me another year to really get it organized. Oh well I am enjoying it. 

I have to share some photos of what my DH built. 

I wanted an outside kitchen on our patio. This is what my DH built. 

I saw this idea on Pinterest. We had an extra head and foot board bed frame. I wanted to be "my" project. However when I showed DH what I wanted to do with the extra bed frame, he did this.  Now I need to make the cushion. I am waiting for the zipper to come in. 

Until next time, have a wonderful Blessed week!