Saturday, January 2, 2016

W.I.P. (Work in Progress REVISED)

My last post, I stated I will be working on my Dear Jane quilt and make at least 5 blocks a day! Oh LORD, I must be NUTS!!! What I meant to say is "make 5 blocks a week!" If I kept to that statement, I will have to hire a maid!

Hope everyone is had a wonderful Saturday. I went to my Quilt club meeting. I didn't do any sewing. I did however, traced a few Hawaiian patterns. The patterns will be for my next Hawaiian quilt. Then I sewed a few more DJ blocks and so far so good. I will post pictures later.

Sunday is going to an easy day. Go to Church with DH and then come home and watch Seahawks vs Cardinals. I am hoping and praying that the Seahawks win! While watching the game, I will be doing some appliqueing.

Aloha all,

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