Friday, January 1, 2016


I am finally BACK!!! Hope everyone had an awesome 2015!  WOW... its been almost a year since my last post! Life's been very interesting here. More of that later.

I needed to get back in this blog to start posting. I haven't been sewing much other either. BUT I am definitely going to change all that! Starting now!!! Having this blog will help me get my "tush" going on my sewing!

I have a few sewing projects I need to get done and my GOAL is to keep up with them. That is the PLAN and I PRAY to God I stick to it! (:

Here is my list for the year:

1. DEAR JANE QUILT - Make at least 5 blocks a day. I have the software but I need to find my BOOK. grrr
2. QUILTY FUN QUILT - I will be joining my friends (online). I have my book in a place where I an easily find. Yahoogroup Sampler Quilts will be hosting a sew along for this.
4. PRAIRIE MOON QUILTS - Hosting a Sewing Room Organizing for the year. I don't have a sewing room just yet, but I am certainly going to use it to organize my entire house.

This year is working on UFOs "once again!" However, I decided to work on Dear Jane. Its been going on 8 years now and I truly need to finish! Wish me LUCK and add me to your PRAYERS!

Happy New Year & Aloha!

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