Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Naughty, Naughty...

I don't what happen my dogs Kappy and Goliath. They were little poop heads today!!! We could not control them at all. Was it something in the wind that they just wanted to be "naughty"? They bark & bark all day, threatening them with the slippers did not help. Both my husband and I got so irritated that we just ignored them. When it came to lunch time, no snack for them, dinner time we just gave them their food and ignored them the entire time. Now tonight, they decided to be good angels. HA! we continued to ignore them. At 10:30 pm(few minutes ago), they both gave up trying to be sweet boys and went to their beds. Well we thought they both did. Kappy on his bed and Goliath here

 On Gary's side of the bed! Good Grief! 
He is now being "stubborn". Trying to move is impossible! Goliath weighs 105 lbs. 
Guess Dad will have to move him out! 


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