Saturday, January 10, 2015

Full of Flare Exhibit....

The exhibit was incredible! Although I didn't enter anything, my quilting friends at our Guild exhibit their masterpieces. They were all beautiful. These Hawaiian quilts were all done by hand and beautifully done. These ladies have been quilting for years and I am so lucky to be a part of this Guild with A LOT of very talented women. I am still toying if I want to hand quilt the king size Hawaiian quilt I am doing. I am just too spoiled with my longarm machine. 

Anyway, there were not only Hawaiian quilts. There were also paintings and wood carving pieces that are all beautiful.

I got a chance to talk to a Hawaiian wood carver, Raymond Bumatay (pronounce: Boo-ma-tay). He has been carving for years. He carved a canoe and presented to his granddaughter on her birthday. He named the canoe after her "Lihau" (Lee-how). I hope you enjoy looking at all the beautiful pictures as much as I.


Here are pictures of Raymond Bumatay beautiful pieces. The first picture is the canoe he made for his Granddaughter.

Raymond Bumatay and his beautiful Granddaughter
I am going to print a copy of this picture and give it to Raymond. 
I just think this is a precious picture a Grandfather & Granddaughter. Don't you think?

Here are more pictures of his work and paintings from other talented artist.

I cannot help myself but I have to end my post with the results of our NFL team! 
Seattle Seahawks
NFL Second Round Playoffs
Saturday, January 10, 3:15 PM
CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington
17 - 31

We will definitely be in "BEAST MODE" all week. (= Maybe I can get a quilt done in this mode. HAHA

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Be safe and stay warm. I know some of you are having wretched weather. 


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  1. Aloha e Liz, thanks for posting such wonderful photos of the exhibit. Love the stingray quilt!! The canoe is incredible - what a lucky little girl! Marc