Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Great Tuesday...

Hope you had a great Tuesday and got sometime to do some sewing. For once, I got quite a bit of things done. I completed our church bulletin, got all my laundry done, got more organizing done in my sewing room and last but not least, completed  block. I signed up for the "Over the Rainbow Patchwork BOM Challenge" with The Quilt Pattern. I tested some of their blocks and I decided to do the blocks in 14". I can't show you the blocks I tested yet. But I can show you the block #1.

I am using my Civil War fabrics and scraps. I have a lot of 3" squares so this block was very easy to put together. The only cutting I did was some of the triangles. BUT I was able to use my scrap squares for the triangles. I really need to use up my stash before purchasing more. I am really bursting at the "seams" here in this small house. Oh how I truly miss my sewing studio in Washington State.

Next on my agenda is the Boho dress. I am going to layout and cut tonight and hopefully after my Dr.'s appt. tomorrow, I can sew the dress. Thank you LORD that no buttonholes or zippers needed on this dress. I don't know why but I just cannot sew zippers or even make a darn buttonhole. I suppose I just need to practice. The other project is Blessings of Christmas. They are laser cuts so that should be easy right? We shall see. This will be my first laser kit. Stay tuned.

And to give you an update on the lava flow, it is changing its course. Here is a map of the lava as of this morning. 

Have a wonderful day and hope you found sometime to do some sewing! (=


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