Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Settling In...

Gosh its been awhile since I posted anything here! Ever since our move to Hawaii, life is pretty crazy! Also to make matters worse, it is SUMMER! =)

Where do I begin! We are finally settled in. Unpacked boxes and whatever we don't "HAVE" to have right now, we had to rent a couple of storage units. My sewing room is still in disarray. Trying to get into that room to put that room in a "somewhat" functional room. It is certainly a challenge.

My husband is still in WA. He had a few projects to finish. Then he is going to have some sailboat racing fun for a week in Whidbey island and then this weekend he has his 40 year high school reunion. He took these pictures on night at our cabin. Leave to "mother nature" to show a spectacular show up above when I am GONE.

While he is enjoying beautiful weather in WA., I have no choice but to look at RAIN! UGH!  We had Tropical storm Walli come through. But I think he is still coming through! Since last Saturday, we had nothing but rain. We are all so DONE with this rain! 

Everyone here is surprise that I acquired chickens! They Barred Rock chickens. My neighbor in the back moved to Hilo and decided not take their 5 girls. When they approached me and asked if I would like them, I was excited. Here they are! Meet Chick, Chick-Chick, Chickee, Chickie and Chickey:

They produce about 4 eggs a day. My dad keeps reminding me that they are "chickens" and not "babies". 
But in my opinion and work around here. They such friendly chickens. If they want me to pet them, they would come up to me, squat down and spread their wings. I have pictures of me petting them on my phone but I am having problems uploading. I will post pictures when I can get the pictures to upload onto my computer.

When Gary gets back, I want to extend their coop and build a more secure fence area. They have wild roosters running around and also mongoose too!

Moving onto sewing...FINALLY able to work on a UFO project. I am sewing together a Civil War block exchange that we did a few years ago. We were able to pick out of two Rosemary Youngs books "Civil War Love Letters" and "Civil War" books. I will post pictures of  quilt soon. I really need to get my UFOs down! 

The other sewing project I am working on is my first Hawaiian Quilt. Pillow size but instead of a pillow, I am going to frame it. Here is my project. The challenging for me is hand quilting it. I have never hand quilted before. 

Right now I am basting the sandwich in sections. Sorry I should have ironed before taking picture. I believe this is a Woodrose pattern. Wish me LUCK! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

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