Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happy Friday...

Hope everyone enjoyed their Friday. The weather here cooperated. Just some drizzles but mostly sunny! YAY! It is so nice to see the sun and also the tradewinds. Makes a difference with the humidity here. Coming from the Mainland, it gets pretty hard to the humidity without the tradewinds.

I cleaned up my garden. This is my very first garden I have ever done. Thanks to my Dad, he taught me how. LOL! Anyway, I got to harvest three roma tomatoes. I thought for dinner I will make a Beef tomato stir fry with these.

Yesterday I showed you pictures of my hibiscus. I have never seen hibiscus flower this big. They are huge.
I am on the hunt for a deep dark red hibiscus plant. They have it but are hard to find. Here you will see a red but it is not the deep dark red. Aren't they pretty?

My neighbor gave me some pineapples last week. They weren't fully ripe until now. I decided to cut them up. They are delicious when they are cold. My last post, I stated I prefer the white pineapple. Now I can show you what I mean. 

 As you can see, the two small ones are the "yellow" pineapple. The larger one is the "white" pineapple. YUMMY!
After I cut the skin out, I rinse the whole pineapple and rub it with a little regular salt. Let it sit a about 15 minutes and then cut in cube size. Store it in the fridge for until cold! YUM YUM. Like they say here in Hawaii "ONO" meaning: YUMMY, GOOD.

With the crown of pineapple, you can actually plant them in the ground. So I am going to give it a try.

This is what our weather looked like today from my backyard.

 Tonight I decided to work in my sewing room. I have been wanting to sew some dresses to Church. I have a weird taste in clothing. My sister tells me my taste is "Grannyish". I bought some Amy Butler fabrics on Ebay and I was trying to find a nice simple summer dress and I found Tina Givens patterns and I decided to make a few dresses of this...

For the hem, I m going to use a black 3" binding. In my mind, this is a very simple pattern. We shall see! 8)
It has been 22 years since I ever sewed a garment! I will begin sewing it together tomorrow. Who knows, maybe I'll have a dress for church on Sunday. 8)

Here is my boy "Kappy". He was punished today for messing around with the chickens! I don't know why he thinks the chickens want to play with him. He was so determine to have them chase after him and when they moseyed in another direction, he wants to get their attention! I guess he will figure it out one day that they are just CHICKENS! 

Lastly, here is Chickee just relaxing near the patio waiting for me to come out into the yard! Kappy is so fixated with her. 

Here is Chickee's sis "Chick Chick". She is the smallest of the bunch. She is moulting now and has been for awhile. 

Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


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