Wednesday, July 23, 2014


RAIN!!!! I am so over this rain. I thought today we were going to see some sun. NOT! I like rain but this is ridiculous!

It rains 3x more than Washington State. But for 11 days? 

Anyway, last week I finally finished sewing new cushions for my patio furniture. It was my first time and I am happy with the results. I didn't sew zipper to covers. I DON'T like to sew zippers on...I have trouble with them so I just hand sewed the closing. Check it out!

I even covered to these chairs

Now that I am done with the patio furniture, Patio needs painting. I have to wait until we get a couple of days of SUN! "OH SUN, OH SUN WHERE ARE YOU"!

So the other day, I had to run to the store. On my way home, I noticed something on my side mirror. I couldn't believe that I had to take a picture of this GEIKO. This geiko either came for the ride from home OR he decided to "HITCHED" a ride from the store. Hitchhiking is very common here. Even GECKOS are hitching a ride! LOL

I need to get back to my sewing! I hear my girl calling me to start her up! Hope everyone is well and enjoyed their day! 

Here is a "SELFIE" picture with me & "Chickee". I took this about a week ago or so. I finally uploaded pictures from my phone! Enjoy! 8)

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