Friday, May 9, 2014

Long Last...

We are here in Hawaii! After four gruesome months in WA State packing, getting house ready for rental, we are finally here in our new home in Hawaii on the Big Island. It took us 11 hours to get home!!! I am sure my pets will agree that we all do not want to be at an airport or airplane for a while. We were so exhausted from just sitting and waiting in Honolulu for the Quarantine officer's to examine our pets and paperwork. Now we landed on Oahu at 11:20am PST and our last flight was not until 3:37pm. The pets were released at 3pm. That was a relief. However, when we arrived at Hilo airport and picked up our pets, my poor babies were scared, exhausted and they all messed in their kennels. Now in Honolulu, we paid $$$ for a handler to pick up our pets from aircraft, take them to the Quarantine office and take at least my dogs out to walk and do their business. Short story...the handler did not do what he was suppose to do. I am just happy that they survived the whole trip. Taking your pets outside of the mainland is stressful! I don't think I will put any of my pets through this again. Anyway, here are my kiddos. 

 Oscar & Kappy

Misty...she was very upset about the lei. 

Here are some pictures of our new home. We have been very busy unpacking and unpacking. 

 Here is the Master bedroom. Well sewing room! I truly MISS my studio in WA! As you can see, I really need to downsize and make this more functional. It is so cram in here that I cannot put my longarm up yet. So right now, I have the poles and table stored up on the ceiling. The machine is stored at my Dad's house. 

 I don't normally show anyone my clutter. BUT I am now! This is the walk in closet and PACKED with fabrics! I have 4 metal shelvings and a big dresser. As you can see, I have to STOP being a "hoarder" and sell my fabric STASH!
 Here is my design wall. I attached it to my billy cube bookcase. 
 Behind my design wall. I am still debating whether or not to sell these fabrics. Decisions...decisions! 
 Dining room...notice Mr. Kappy my photography helper? I cannot walk around here without him trailing behind! *sigh*
 Here is a brighter picture of dining room.
 Living Room...Still trying to decide on what to put up on the walls after it gets painted.

  "ALMOST" completed new kitchen. I WISH my husband could for ONCE complete a darn project. I need a pantry door for which we have, kickplates, the corners finished off and a few cabinet doors! The opening you see is for the dishwasher. We are waiting for a good sale. Here in Hawaii, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is double and sometimes triple in price! 
Still waiting for my husband to finish the butcher island. It needs a stain and a finish AND a finish to the back of cabinets of the island. OH I cannot forget the baseboards! I started reading up on how to finish the top of island. I am seriously thinking of going into Hilo town to get the supplies I need to finish the darn thing! 

 The other day, my dad came over and helped me with the bamboo trees on each side of the backyard. This is the completed project. 
 Backyard. I am so thankful for my dad driving his riding mower down (1/2 mile) to mow my backyard. If we were to use a mower, it would take us a couple of hours to complete. 

 Here is my half way decent back patio. I still have to clean up a bit and start making the cushions for my patio furniture. Notice I am hanging my laundry to dry? I missed doing this when I was living in WA.

Anyway, I started to list some of my Civil War fabrics. I am getting it ready to post for sale. It is a HUGE job. But I really want to have my sewing room nice and organized. So to have this happen, I need to SELL my fabric stash.

So stay tune for more. I promise I won't take me this long. I am dying to start sewing and need to do it soon!

To all you mothers...

"Happy Mother's Day"

May you have a wonderful, blessed and restful day! 8)

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