Saturday, March 15, 2014

Update of our progress...

We are still slaving away here in our home getting it ready to rent out. We had the old hardwood floors done and they came out beautiful. The entire house is painted now and we updated a few things like the fireplace, master shower and the front porch. Here are some pictures of what we did.

 We decided to paint the risers white. It certainly looks bright now.

 Close up of stairs
 Livingroom. Hubby still need to install fireplace closure

 Master bedroom 

 Top of landing and linen closet
Close up of livingroom floor. I was worried about this area. It was so bad that I thought they could not save the oak wood. I am so happy we did not have to replace floor.

Had to take a picture of woodpecker. Click picture to enlarge so you can see him. He was sure pecking away. 8)

While we are working on our house, we are staying at our cabin until we leave. We had a couple of gorgeous days. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy our Northwest weather...

I will try to post again! Have a great day and hope you are finding sometime to enjoy what you love to do! I miss the sound of my sewing machine. 

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