Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Half way there...

First off "Happy New Year"!

WOW... Its been certainly a while since I posted anything here. Since my last post, life got super CRAZY! 

After selling one of our rental properties, we bought a house in Pahoa, Hawaii. We closed a week before thanksgiving and excited. We love the layout of the home. However the kitchen was extremely small. I believe the kitchen size was 80sf! Now that is way small for me! We were surprise that there was a room next to the kitchen that was noted on the listing. It was a room with no closet...more like a small office. We knew right then and there we wanted this house. We got a good deal on the house and more exciting, our new home is only about 3 minutes away from my Dad's house.

As soon as we got home from purchasing our home, we packed our household goods and had everything shipped in January. We had to have a 20ft. container and a 45ft. container. It was hilarious because JUST my sewing room, I have about 60 boxes. Sad to say, we still have to have another 20' container again because some of our furniture got left behind because they could not fit in the 45' nor the 20' container. 

Anyway, My husband left a few days after the 45' container left. He was gone for the whole month renovating and unloading the containers. My brothers and sister in-law flew in to help him unload. I have such a very supportive family! I am BLESSED! 

We will be leaving here for good in April. I will be going first and my cat "Misty". We had two cats but a few weeks ago, I had to put "PrettyGirl" down. I don't know exactly what happen to her. One day she was feeling good and the next day, she was not herself. She is so MISSED in our household!

She needed a home, found our home and wouldn't leave! 
2005 - 2014

My husband just returned home from being away for a month in Hilo. He renovated the kitchen and waited for the containers to be delivered. Here are some pictures of the kitchen and ALL the boxes in our house. Just looking at these pictures, I REALLY feel overwhelmed! 

Click on link or copy & paste to see front of house

Kitchen before renovation

My new Kitchen! 
I cannot wait to get to our new home and enjoy cooking. We need to purchase a dishwasher which is a MUST. The room you see  on the right is the pantry and next to it is going to be my desk. I have a lot of cookbooks and now I can store them in the cabinets above. 
The white fridge looks off BUT who cares. I love that refrigerator and I will purchase a stainless when fridge dies on us. Hubby has some more work to do. Hilo does not have gas line for gas appliances so we are going to be using propane which my hubby has to hook up when we get there in April.

Look at all those boxes. If they weren't there, you could see the back yard from my new kitchen. An open concept.

My dear sister in-law Candice unpacked majority of the fabric boxes. My sewing room will be the master bedroom and all my fabrics are stored in the master closet. 
They were able to install Ikea cubicle shelving and two Ikea book cases to store my fabrics. 

My "new" Gammill longarm. 

These are all the boxes for I need to unpack in my sewing room. Do you think all of these will fit in a 17x11-1/2' room? Ummm...I pray they all fit. 

More boxes at the front of house.  Sad to confess but I "OVERPACKED". These boxes could not fit in the house. They had to unpack some boxes so they can move some furniture around to bring in these boxes. The boxes on the left of yard are all for my sewing room. 

 Here is a portion of my living room after they unpacked a lot of boxes.

Here the actual living room and dining room before the container arrived. Size of room is 22'x15'

While my husband is renovating our kitchen in Hilo, I was here painting, cleaning, clearing out all the stuff we did not want and not worth donating. 

As far as sewing, I will take Sundays off and do some sewing. I did manage to complete two of my Patchwork Party 2011 blocks. Now that my husband is home and brought home the camera, I can take pictures of my blocks. 

I am going to be busy the rest of the week painting and cleaning again. I have the living room and sewing room to clean and paint. I will be done with the inside. Then to get the yard all cleaned up. 

So until then...Have a wonderful week!

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