Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finally able to...

Post after being back a week from our trip with my brother and niece. Here are some pictures of our trip to Eastern Washington. I stayed in our trailer the whole time. It was very cold, dreary and rain!!!

 Picture of my brother Paul and his daughter Harley-Moani going for a stroll.

 This is my niece looking serious. I tried and tried to get her to smile...she just would not budge!
 Pearrygin Lake in Winthrop, WA.

 This is my husband Gary practicing for his first National remote control boat race. Which by the way, he placed 7th in the Nationals. IMO pretty good for his first time!

 Gary walking the dogs. Oscar is our wiener and Kappy is our 1/2pug, 1/2 shitzu
 Our 5th wheel
 Fall is definitely here!

She FINALLY smiled for me! Playing on her IPad. Now what kid at 3 years old owns their own IPAD?

Our drive to Leavenworth.

 I didn't get a lot of hand sewing done. However, I did finish a hand applique block. I am working on Florabunda by Erin Russek. I love her designs and her instructions are so easy to follow. I love her applique technique. Anyway, here is my first block.

I am working on the next block. It gives me something to do at night while my husband is watching TV. 8)

Have a great day!

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