Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finally Back...

I am finally back! Its been a very busy month for me here at the home front. We came back from our fishing trip and have been busy since! 

Do you remember back in February "Tribute to Abe Lincoln" quilt? I was so HAPPY I finished it and decided I wanted to enter it into a couple of shows. I decided then that I wanted some custom quilting done. Well I got it back in April and I was so devastated with her "stitch in the ditch" work. I researched and researched for a GOOD longarm quilter and she is well known in the Quilt Magazine world. I cannot send this quilt to ANY shows for my quilt is not a show quilt. 

 Now who does this kind of work? I UNDERSTAND that "stitch in the ditch" is hard to do. However, if a longarm quilter is NOT comfortable, then she should say something!!!! Don't you think? I am just devastated. Can you tell? One day I will get over it! *sigh*

Mother in-laws quilt...

Well I FINISHED her quilt and she LOVES it! THANK GOD! 8)

Have a great week! 

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