Friday, May 31, 2013

June UFO Challenge is...

I have A LOT of catching up to do in order to keep up. Good Luck everyone with June UFO.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Finally Back...

I am finally back! Its been a very busy month for me here at the home front. We came back from our fishing trip and have been busy since! 

Do you remember back in February "Tribute to Abe Lincoln" quilt? I was so HAPPY I finished it and decided I wanted to enter it into a couple of shows. I decided then that I wanted some custom quilting done. Well I got it back in April and I was so devastated with her "stitch in the ditch" work. I researched and researched for a GOOD longarm quilter and she is well known in the Quilt Magazine world. I cannot send this quilt to ANY shows for my quilt is not a show quilt. 

 Now who does this kind of work? I UNDERSTAND that "stitch in the ditch" is hard to do. However, if a longarm quilter is NOT comfortable, then she should say something!!!! Don't you think? I am just devastated. Can you tell? One day I will get over it! *sigh*

Mother in-laws quilt...

Well I FINISHED her quilt and she LOVES it! THANK GOD! 8)

Have a great week! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gorgeous Day in Winthrop

Couldn't ask for a gorgeous day! The weather was warm and so peaceful here. Decided to take the dogs with us on the dock. Kappy is sitting on my lap.

Ok this is a strange one... my husband took the dogs on a walk so they can do their business. While they were walking, a fish fell from the sky! SERIOUS! 8) He saw an osprey bird and a bald eagle. He thinks the osprey drop the fish due to the eagle.

Here are dogs investigating the fish. 8)

As far as sewing today? Not ONE STITCH! 8) WHO can with a gorgeous weather!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I totally forgot to post our UFO for May. *sigh* I think this clean air is getting to me. 8)

Good Luck with your May UFO. Please shoot me a private email when you are completed.

Checking In...

Haven't been posting here lately. We have been so busy at home dealing with raccoons. They decided to live under our new deck and actually have their litter of babies(don't know exactly how many) and it cost us $$$ to hire pest control to come out and throw spongy ball that is soaked with male raccoon urine under deck to get them out. So that is done. YAY!!!!

With that taken care off, we headed out for a two week vacation. We are now in Winthrop, WA at Silverline RV Resort. Saturday was opening day for trout fishing. All I have been doing is feeding the fishes for everyone around me to catch them! *sigh*

Here are some pictures that I took on our way here. It is a gorgeous day so I will take pictures of resort. It is so pretty out here. This morning is was like 28 degrees. But I still went out on the dock to do some fishing. 8)  

The weather was sunny and warm! We actually had out windows down on the drive here.

As for sewing, I finally finished my Tribute to Abe Lincoln quilt. YAY! 8)
Until next time. Hope you have a wonderful day! 8)