Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Civil War Love Letter Quilt - Custom Quilting in the works...

Back in February, I finished my Civil War Love Letter Quilt. Since I am so new to longarm, I searched for a longarm quilter and found Natalia Bonner of PieceNQuilt . She does some phenomenal work and after contacting her, she agreed to quilt my CWLL quilt. She is usually 6-8 weeks out. I tried looking for a someone here in WA. and no one did not want to touch my quilt! After the second reject, I decided to ask why? The explanation I got was "it is too much work on the knees  & hands". I didn't want an all over design...I wanted some custom work done.

Quilt is not totally done yet. She posted a picture of quilt still on her frame and from what I see, I am loving it! I will post more pictures as soon as she sends me pictures. 8)

LOVE the circles! Don't you?

In the meantime, I just received my 1/4yd fabric for my Civil War Chronicle quilt. I will be working on completing that today! So stay tune. 8)

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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