Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UFO 1 - CW Chronicles update...

I spent the entire day and night(9pm) cutting Month 12. This is where I WISH I had a 2-3/4" die to cut these squares! I have a Accuquilt Studio but I don't have a die in this size. 8(  If I know I am going to use 2-3/4" ALL the time, I would definitely custom order one. There was A LOT of cutting here and I am so glad I am done. Now I am working on drawing my lines to make HST. The HST are 2" squares.I need the lines in order to sew accurately. If you have a better method, PLEASE do share! 8)

I bagged my squares with notes so that I don't get confused. It is so easy for me to do! 

I have to make 272 - 2" squares using these fabrics. 

I hoped to get these done tonight. We shall see. 

Happy Stitching!

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