Wednesday, March 6, 2013

UFO 1 - Civil War Chronicles...

This month we are working on UFO -1. Back in 2010-2011, I joined Civil War Chronicles BOM designed by Homestead Hearth. Last year I worked on some of the blockswhile traveling. These block are labor intense! 8) But as you know me, I like a quilt that is challenging. Check them out. 

Month 1
Center Block

Month two
called for 4 16" blocks

Month 4
called for 8 12-1/2" blocks!

Month 5
called for 16 triangle blocks that finished on the short side!

Month 6
called for 4 13-1/2" blocks

Month 7
called for 4 13-1/2" blocks

 Month 8
called for 4 13-1/2" blocks

Month 10
called for 8 6-1/2" blocks

Now do you see why I said this is  "labor intense"??? LOVE IT! 8)

Anyway, I misplaced pattern instructions for month 3 & 9! 8(  I have no clue how, when or WHERE the instructions are! I decluttered, organized and cleaned my studio! I have the fabrics but no pattern! So, I started to google and see if I can purchase the pattern. Homestead Hearth only had month 3. So I purchased pattern. Now I needed to FIND month 9. I googled and came across a few blogs. I started to think " harm in sending an email asking if they would sell me their pattern". Well I emailed Denise . Her blog "Mountain Quilter" . She is sending me a copy of pattern instruction for month 9! 8)  GOSH am I a HAPPY camper. She want to do a trade...copy of her pattern for a couple of FQ's. I am not going to send her two FQ's. I am sending her a few! 8)  THANK YOU SO MUCH DENISE!!!

Tomorrow I am going to play in my studio. I am working on America the Beautiful and when I get that done, I will get back to my UFO #1. 8)

Until then, Have a wonderful Thursday!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love your blocks! Glad you were able to find the missing patterns.

  2. Thank you Billie! Oh I am so glad I found pattern. 8)

    Have a great weekend!

  3. You are very welcome, hope you have received it, think I'm going to have to pull mine out of the back pile and get working on it!