Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sad Week...

So sorry I have been out of touch here. When it rains it POURS! Well for here it felt like it did! I had no energy to do anything nor concentrate...

Our boy "Bear-Bear". Very "personable" boy. He didn't have any fear in him at all. Whether a car, people, dogs, cats, racoons, even heights, this cat no fear at all in him!!! If the ladder was out and my husband was on the roof, Bear will be right behind him climbing up the ladder too. 

I even witness a time when our neighbor's dog came into the yard and Bear scared him off. If I walk to our mailbox or go visit a neighbor a few doors away, he will be right behind me and wait until I am done visiting or picking mail up, we would walk back home together! 

For a few days before putting him down, I noticed that he wasn't eating or moving as much. I thought to myself, " we go again", "Bear must have got into a fight". Well on Sunday night (3.10.13), He was not moving at all. I told my husband we need to take Bear into emergency! As I was getting him out of his bed, I looked into his eyes and I KNEW he was not coming home. 8( 

To make a long story short, Bear had liver disease and we had to put him to sleep. The disease was too far gone in just a few days! We are still waiting for the call from hospital to come and pick up his ashes. I have A LOT of precious memories of him. I can still remember the days of when he was just 1-2 weeks old when were on bottle feeding schedule, hubby and I taking turns taking Bear and his two brothers (still with us) to work so we can bottle feed them. 

May 26, 2005 - March 10, 2013
 Mom: "Bear?, mom want to continue sewing".
Bear: "NO" "I want to sleep". 8)

Pictures of Bear was taken in 2010. He loved being near me while I sew. This is when he was an indoor cat. Then he experience outdoors shortly after and indoors was not his thing anymore.   


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