Friday, February 22, 2013

UFO #10 Completed...

WHEW! I finally finished!!!! 

Back in 2010, I hosted a China Doll Block Exchange. This was the longest block exchange I have ever hosted. If my memory is correct, it took 8 months to send everyone their blocks. Block exchange usually go for three months. Some ladies took longer than others but it was well worth the wait (in my opinion) because of the workmanship these women put in.

There are three dolls with no face. I am contemplating whether I should draw them in. 

Dolls were created by author: Rosemary Young. She is just the most wonderful person! I am a BIG fan! I have all her books. You can find doll pattern in her book: Civil War Diary.

I have a couple of duplicate dolls in this wall hanging.

 By Judy Armfield
(Check out her face...AWESOME)
Machine appliqued using blanketstitch.

 By Cindy Temple
(You have to checkout her hair & face...AWESOME)

 Another one by Cindy Temple 
Cindy hand appliqued using needle turn method and hand embroidered hair.
(Check out her hair and face...STUNNING)

 By: Micheline Prescott
(Check out her face...AWESOME! I love the little lace on her neckline)
All hand appliqued using needle turn method.

By: Rebecca Hunt
Machine appliqued dress and body was machine embroidery. 
Amazing job.
 By: Sheri Klaich...All hand appliqued using needle turn technique. 
 By: Me...all done using the needle turn method. What was the worst thing about this doll is her HAIR!!! I was so flustered that I just used Steam-A-Steam 2 for my doll. The others I hand appliqued. 

Another by Judy Armfield. 

for the sash and border, I used Jo Morton Jamestown fabric.

I am very please and happy that I am done with the top! YIPPEE! 

Until Monday, Hope everyone have a great weekend!



  1. I was so guilty of taking longer...who knew that hand applique and french knot hair couldn't be whipped out quickly??? :)

  2. BEautiful. I love how different each one is.