Friday, September 7, 2012

UFO Challenge

Haven't written much here. Been really busy here working on projects around the house and rental properties. 

Now I get to PLAY! 8) 

I decided to have a UFO Challenge in my yahoo group. Challenge is for a year. I just posted guidelines today so I am hoping that I get a few participants. 

Here are the guidelines! 

October 1, 2012
September 30, 2013
I really need to some of my UFOs completed. The last few years, I always seem to get started on a quilt and then I get bored and/or see another quilt I want to make. The other problem I have is BLOCK OF THE MONTHS (BOM)! I seem to JOIN them all the time!
Well, as you know, I have 75 UFOs. I know I CANNOT complete all 75 UFOs in a year. But I would like to at least get 10 done in a year.
So I thought why not start a challenge with others in the group?
I hope you will join me…
Here are the specs for challenge:
1. Choose 10 of your UFOs. List them on a piece of paper, 1-10. Once you choose your ten UFOs, post them in our DATABASE. Then as you complete them, you then enter date you completed.

2. Each month, from October 1, 2012 through September 1, 2013, I will choose a number **1-10 that is the UFO you will work on to complete during that month.  November and December will not count as it is around the holidays and we all tend to get pretty busy.
**For example: if the number 5 is chosen in October, then we would work on whatever is #5 on our list

3. You have the month to finish the UFO. You will need to post a picture of your completed quilt top in PHOTOS “2012 UFO Challenge” and post a message to let us know of your amazing journey is completed. Please post now and then of your progress. We certainly would like to know how you are doing.
No pressure at all…you work at your own pace, finish what you can when you can. The idea is to try and get some UFOs out of the way.
Another THOUGHT came to mind! LOL …
Let’s make the CHALLENGE more ENTICING, participants that completes their list by September 30, 2013, their name gets put in a basket and on October 1st, I will draw a winner. **To be eligible, Quilt top MUST be from your list. Then you will need to post a picture of your completed quilt top. You do not have to participate in drawing. There are some of us that need a push to get those UFOs out and get completed.
**Exclusions: Not included in drawing are Doll quilts, Wall hangings, Quilt tops that need Borders, Sash and/or Binding and or even quilting.
Winner will receive a Gift Card to a Quilt Shop of their choice.
Is this enticing enough? 8

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