Saturday, September 22, 2012

Agenda for the weekend!

Good morning everyone,

FALL is here! I cannot believe it! Where did our summer GO??? 
The leaves are starting to turn, flowers are getting their last blossoms out. 

Anyway, my agenda for this weekend is:

- EQ7 lessons # 17 & 18. This was a CHALLENGE for me! Lessons are about how to "Pieced PatchDraw Blocks". I am so happy I came across this yahoo group. I am learning how to REALLY utilize the program. Here are pictures of lesson plans.

- Cleaning Sewing Studio...It is a MESS. I am dusting, organizing, tossing, etc...  Here are some pictures. 

I have to make room for my "old" girl Misty. She is 13 years old has cancer. She likes to be around me whenever I am in my sewing studio.

I will post pictures of a CLEAN STUDIO. 8)

- Sewing UFOs. Hopefully I will get back to my sewing machine and finish off the "Mystery" Quilt-A-Long quilt. Here are pictures of my completed blocks.

I am still undecided as to what to do to complete. Here are my choices in fabrics:

For my borders

I think I want to use this green for sashing. Now what do I want to use for cornerstones? I have no clue. I better get on the ball cleaning so I can get this quilt done tomorrow. 8)

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! 8)

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